Monday, May 15, 2006

Triple Powerful Invisible Spirit is the Master of Lux

WHOEVER IS POSTING AS "LUX MUNDITO" is a PHONY. and a lame forger: luxmundito is one word. anyway, the real luxmundito is trapped in the Odious Tower these days, and won't be posting on this or any other blog. any lux posts you see are false. they are probably being posted by ALISON MARCUS or CHRISTINE COLETTA, although christine's been pretty slammed with her LAW SCHOOL EXAMS and journal tryouts, so it's most likely ali. needless to say, lux would never use the term "sweetheart" for ANYONE, seeing as he shuns the clicheed rhetorical trappings of the surface life.

anyway, he's been bound and gagged along with his dog wurmie in the odious tower for the past month. I've hijacked his blog, and to confirm that this is, in fact, the REAL Triple Powerful Invisible Spirit and not a lame and less powerful impostor, I will replicate this post on lux's blog. if you see any lux or TPIS posts on this blog which are NOT replicated on lux's blog, then you'll know they are FALSE. and WEAK.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006